Essential oils are well-known for their therapeutic benefits. They improve your mood, reduce anxiety, relieve stress, and promote relaxation. But do you know that they are also good for the skin? The tiny molecules of essential oil can effectively remove dirt and toxins from pores, restoring the delicate and smoothness of the skin.

We have listed the key benefits essential oil can have on your skin.

1. Nutrients from essential oil penetrates deep into the skin 

Essential oils contain small molecules, and their penetration is stronger, which sends the nutrients they contain directly into the dermis. Essential oil molecules can also penetrate the intercellular lipid gap, enter the stratum corneum of the skin, lock in moisture, and maintain the water-oil balance of the skin at the same time. In addition, the molecules of essential oils are smaller than the pores on the skin, so they feel sticky and vitalize the skin.

2. Improve your complexion by eliminating metabolic waste

A facial care routine that includes essential oils can help dry skin that is prone to wrinkles. Essential oils make skin softer, reduce acne breakouts, and increase skin elasticity. During autumn and winter, when the skin is dry and cold and prone to cracking, essential oils can prevent acne problems and combat skin sensitivity effectively.

3. To prevent moisture loss, strengthen the moisture protection film

The oil secreted by the skin is like a natural protective net, which helps the skin resist the invasion of external bacteria and ultraviolet rays, and prevents the moisture in the inner layer of the skin from evaporating. Autumn and winter are the seasons when people with dry skin lack sebum secretion. During this time, it is important to choose a natural essential oil that is similar to the composition of the sebum membrane as a substitute. This builds a protective layer of oil for the skin to lock in moisture without loss.

4. Get rid of wrinkles and effectively fight signs of aging

After using essential oils, stimulate facial acupoints with massage techniques. Small particles of essential oils can penetrate deep into the skin, assisting in releasing various metabolic wastes, effectively calming the skin, promoting regeneration, and boosting vitality.

5. Perfect your autumn and winter makeup by improving bonding

After using facial essential oils, the skin cells are more tightly connected, which greatly reduce the generation of keratin. The skin's own flexibility is enhanced, and it becomes smoother and more moist. After applying makeup, the fit of makeup will also be significantly improved. In the cold and windy winter, essential oils also make it easier to touch up makeup. Apply a small amount of essential oil to the area of the face with raised cuticles and gently press to soothe the troublesome cuticles and make the makeup smooth and sticky.

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