Aromatic Global Children Toothpaste - “Best Plant Based Toothpaste for Children"

For Teeth that Gleam with Nature’s Goodness!

Give your child the gift of a healthy smile with 100% plant-based toothpaste from Aromatic Global!

Teething marks an important milestone in the skeletal growth of children as they get their first teeth at around 6 months of age and begin their transition from milk teeth to permanent teeth at the age of 6 years. As their teeth go through various stages of growth resulting in delicate gums, gaps and irregularities; children are more vulnerable to tooth decay and other dental problems.  Young children thus need special oral care with products that are customized to their needs. Sourced from nature, Aromatic Global Children Toothpaste has been formulated keeping in mind the oral care needs of growing children between the ages of 2 and 7 years. 

Most toothpastes available in the market are fluoride based and are loaded with artificial additives and preservatives. Though fluoride protects teeth from decay, too much fluoride can cause dental fluorosis, a white coating or staining on teeth. Studies have suggested that young children are more vulnerable to dental fluorosis than older children and adults as they do not spit out the toothpaste fully and end up swallowing portions of it. Aromatic Global toothpaste is fluoride free, thereby reducing the risk of dental fluorosis. Since it is 100% plant based and free from any artificial abrasives, additives and preservatives, it is safe and gentle for even 2-year-olds.

At the same time the Aromatic Global Toothpaste is powered by the natural antiseptic properties of the Arak Sewak (African Toothbrush Tree) extracts, which has been widely recognized for its medicinal oral hygiene value. This makes it perfect for the thorough care that mixed teeth – combination of milk and permanent- need in children between the ages of 6 and 12. The toothpaste combines herbal leaves, mixed fruit extracts that add essential vitamins and nutrients to the toothpaste. It also has carrageenan that assists in the transdermal absorption of calcium - an important mineral required for healthy teeth and other micro-nutrient absorption. The active ingredients of the polysaccharide in the toothpaste also forms a moisturizing protective film over the oral mucosa.

Brushing teeth with only a pea sized amount of Aromatic Global toothpaste 2-3 times daily ensures that the mouth is sparkly clean and minty fresh all day long. It also improves the antibacterial properties of the mouth and prevents oral bacteria and tooth decay. Children love the slightly spicy, minty taste and the foamy texture of the toothpaste, which they liken to adults’ toothpaste. Parents on the other hand, love the organic, all-natural toothpaste for the oral hygiene benefits it bestows on the children.

Priced at only $11 for an 80-gm tube, AG plant-based toothpaste is available at the Aromatic Global Website, Shopee & eCapital Mall.

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