Baobab Skincare Series: "Best Natural Skincare Products for Pregnancy"

Nourish Your Skin while You Nourish Life Within!”

For skin that looks and feels healthier by the day, use Baobab Skincare products in pregnancy and beyond!

As the body stretches to accommodate the growing baby bump during pregnancy, the skin’s elasticity is tested to the ultimate. Added to that, pregnancy hormones play havoc on the skin, upsetting the skin’s natural PH balance, causing pimples and breakouts. Because the skin is so sensitive and prone to flare-ups during pregnancy, expectant women are wary of new skin care products that maybe laced with harsh chemicals. Baobab Skincare products on the other hand understand a pregnant mother’s changing skin care requirements. Their products are gentle, safe and effective for use by pregnant women. 

Born in the heart of nature, Baobab skincare products are sourced from the Baobab Tree, aptly known as the African Tree of Life. The Baobab tree is known for its longevity with a lifespan of 4000-6000 years. The mature fruit of the Baobab tree contains water, protein, fat and cellulose – recipe for both youthfulness and longevity. Its pulp is richly endowed in vitamin C, an important vitamin that hydrates and nourishes the skin while acting as an antioxidant, protecting skin cells from free radicals. The Baobab fruit seed is rich in protein. It nourishes facial lipids intensively and locks in skin-moisture. The Baobab stone and pulp contain minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and store vitamin C and riboflavin.

Baobab Skincare products regulate the skin’s PH value, protecting and strengthening it. They moisturize the skin, and even out the skin tone, diminishing imperfections and improving the overall appearance of the skin. At the same time the non-greasy formula leaves the skin refreshed and healthy. The active ingredients stimulate blood circulation and promote regeneration of cells that improves the skin’s vitality. 

The Baobab Skincare series of products include the Baobab Soap priced at SGD9.50, Baobab Toner priced at SGD52.00, Baobab Essence priced at SGD85.00, Baobab Moisturizing Cream priced at SGD68.00, Baobab Tone Up Cream priced at SGD66.00 and Baobab Moisturizing Facial Mask priced at SGD25.00, for complete skin care. Baobab Skincare products are good for all skin types be it oily, combination, dry or sensitive skin. 

Satisfied customers of Baobab skin products rave about how the products feel gentle on the skin and smell great. They love the non-greasy feel of the products that leaves their skin feeling fresh, hydrated and glowing inside-out! Customers who experienced skin flare-ups during pregnancy found Baobab products to be soothing, moisturizing and invigorating. Needless to say, the most impressive quality of Baobab products is that they are 100% natural and free from any harmful chemicals. 

Baobab Skincare Series products are available at:  Aromatic Global Website, Shopee, eCapital Mall.  

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