Frankincense oil for the skin, more than just a fragrance


Frankincense oil is one of those essential oils gaining popularity today and, for good reasons. Frankincense oil is very aromatic and commonly found as a key ingredient in perfumes and skincare products. Even in ancient times, frankincense was used in traditional medicine, and given as an expensive gift, as seen in the first nativity. Today, the use of frankincense oil in skincare treatment is a trending topic. It comes with the trending rise in sustainable living and the benefits of using organic products over synthetic options. Before we talk about using it on your skin, you may be wondering where frankincense came from and how it became popular. We will discuss this below.

Origin and History

Frankincense has been around for centuries, commonly used as incense by burning its resin. This is still practiced today. The resin was traded from east to west, from Europe to China. Various cultures and religions also used it for treating different health issues. Harvested from the Boswellia tree between eight and ten years old, high-quality, grade-A frankincense resins were costly. They remain of high value to this day. 

When it comes to Frankincense's health benefits, there are various claims of its uses and methods in traditional medicine. Nevertheless, its fragrance as the main property is what made it valuable in ancient times. In the past, applying frankincense oil on the skin was used primarily for its fragrance.

Modern Cosmetics and Skincare

Using frankincense oil on the skin is a modern practice. The extraction of the essential oil itself happened much later. There is ongoing research taking place regarding the use of frankincense oil in skincare products and cosmetics. It is more than just a fragrance. 

Traditional Chinese medicine uses frankincense to promote blood circulation. This is especially helpful following a stroke and various blood-related ailments. The particular property of frankincense oil is one of the health benefits today. When applied, the oil penetrates the epidermal layer and promotes good blood circulation. This, in turn, promotes healthy skin and overall wellness. Today, you can find several skincare products that contain frankincense oil in serums to anti-aging creams. 

So, is frankincense oil good for your skin? Research and history confirm that it is beneficial for your skin. It is all natural and a gift from nature. Frankincense also offers other health benefits and is proven to have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and even anti-cancer properties. 

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