Ideas For Organic Skincare Gift Sets



Thinking of giving a natural and organic skincare gift set for your friends and family? Organic cosmetics are becoming popular as people become more aware of environmental issues and choose products that are environmentally friendly. Many who shop for gifts during the holiday, or special occasions, consider beauty gifts like organic skincare gift sets.

Women love and enjoy beauty products. Here are some helpful ideas in personalizing your organic skincare gift set to give to friends and family. This basic guide should help you create your own personalized set or select one that suits the recipient. Feel free to swap out fragrances and also check out our tips to gifting skincare that will further help you in your choices.


Moisturizers: Lotions, Salves, and Balms

Lotions, balms and other moisturizers are a must in any skincare gift set. Moisturizers are commonly used skincare products by both men and women. Moisturizers like lotions, balms, body butter, and salves aim to prevent or treat dry skin as well as treat other minor skin problems like skin irritation, scaly and flaky skin, skin burns, and others. There is an assortment of organic moisturizers available today featuring different natural ingredients. These offer unique benefits like shea butter, beeswax, and others.


Oils: Face and Body Oils

Oils also have a skin moisturizing effect but penetrate deeper than the first layer of our skin. The skin absorbs partly water-based moisturizers; oils help seal the moisturizing effect of moisturizers to make it last longer. With that, it is best to complement moisturizers with body oil or facial oil in your organic skincare gift set. Some of the common organic oils include coconut oil, jojoba oil, and almond oil. Oils are also used for massages and aromatherapy.


Exfoliants: Scrubs and Polishes

Exfoliants keep your skin clean and healthy. It scrubs away dead skin cells and stimulates new skin cells to generate. While soaps cleanse the skin by disinfecting your skin, exfoliants simply remove old and dead skin cells and are gentler to the skin. Popular ingredients in organic scrubs and polishes include oatmeal, sea salt, sugar, ground coffee, baking soda, flaxseeds, apples, and others.


Lip Care: Lip Balm and Waxes

The skin on our lips is different from the rest of our body which is thinner and more delicate. Aside from that, the lips tend to require more care and attention compared to other parts of our face. This is particularly true for women wherein the lips get retouched with makeup more often after eating, drinking, or just chatting. Lip balms and waxes protect the sensitive skin layer of the lips. Organic lip balms and waxes aren’t just safe for the environment but are also safer for you.

For the moisturizers to make you feel like nobility, here are some products to include in your organic skincare gift set. Check out our Frankincense and Baobab kits, a perfect organic skincare gift set.