Natural Skincare to Bring out the Beauty in You


Some say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but does a person see the beauty within? Life. Organic. All-natural. Clean. Fresh. What a person puts on is just as important as what enters the soul. One can continue to take care of their natural beauty with natural skincare that refreshes, revitalizes, and revives. In a world consumed with masks, cover-up, and pollution it is vital to take care of the skin and there’s no better way than with all-natural products.  

Negative Effects of Pollution on Skin

Even for someone who doesn’t wear make-up, pollution can have negative effects on the skin. Small particles from the air, form dirt and emit various gasses which penetrate through the skin cells, clog the pores, and cause severe harm.  A number of studies have shown that women who live in the city can have an increase in skin irritation, breakouts, and rashes due to the dirty air as opposed to someone who lives where the air is clean and fresh. 

Some bad effects of pollution on the skin:

  • dry skin
  • spots
  • itchy skin
  • uneven skin
  • large pores
  • wrinkles

Key Products

Aromatic Global’s all-natural products, straight from the heart of Africa, provide the pure, organic, plant-based products that leave you feeling like nobility. These three plants include Frankincense, the Baobab tree, and Arak Sewak. Aromatic Global has taken ingredients from these plants creating a natural skincare line that both restores and highlights the beauty of nature while achieving sustainability that creates new and amazing breakthroughs. 

Product Line

Aromatic Global’s line includes Frankincense, an essential oil that permeates through multiple layers of the skin, reaching the blood and helps to combat diseases and reduce facial skin problems. It is known for its healing properties and sweet aromas. The Baobab tree is known as the African tree of life, which is high in fiber and rich in vitamins. The Baobab line includes moisturizers, facial soap, toner, and essence. Last, the Arak Sewak tree is known as the toothbrush tree, noted for whitening teeth. The Arak Sewak line includes a wide range of mouthwashes and toothpaste to bring out your beautiful smile. 

Aromatic Global

For the complete line of beauty and cosmetic creams and toners, be sure to check out Aromatic Global’s shop, which offers you pure and clean products that bring out the beauty in you.