Uses and Benefits of Frankincense Oil



Frankincense is an aromatic resin obtained from Boswellia trees that grow in dry and mountainous regions. Its common uses include perfumes and incenses due to its fragrant aroma. In ancient times, Frankincense had various uses, such as for healing. Frankincense oil is extracted from frankincense gum resins using steam distillation. 

Frankincense oil by itself has many uses as an essential oil. Its strong aroma emits an earthy, woody, and spicy fragrance that has a subtle hint of a fruity scent. There are many uses of frankincense oil in aromatherapy, health and beauty, medicinal effects, and more. Learn about some of the common uses of frankincense oil below.

Uses of Frankincense Oil


Frankincense oil, with its powerful fragrance, has been widely used in aromatherapy since ancient times. Its aroma promotes feelings of peace and relaxation and reduces feelings of anxiety and stress. It also stimulates the immune system with its comforting fragrance. Its scent also helps relieve nasal congestion and alleviates heavy breathing. Traditionally used as incense, burning the resin released the aromatic fragrance. Modern-day aromatherapy uses essential oil diffusers to release the fragrance in frankincense oil without any harmful smoke.

Anti-Inflammatory and Medicinal

Frankincense oil also contains anti-inflammatory properties. The oil can soothe inflamed skin by reducing the swelling, redness, and itching. It also fights and prevents skin diseases and skin problems. 

Not only does Frankincense oil have common cosmetic uses, it also has medicinal purposes. Commonly prescribed in traditional herbal medicine, frankincense oil serves to cure a variety of health problems and ailments. This includes cough, bad breath, and indigestion.

Healing, Beautifying, and Rejuvenation

Frankincense oil offers numerous benefits to health and beauty. When used as a moisturizer, it helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It also aids in treating skin imperfections such as discoloration. Aside from rejuvenating and beautifying your skin, frankincense oil can also stimulate the growth of new skin cells. This promotes faster healing of skin cuts and wounds. Today, you can find skin moisturizers, toners, creams, and other beauty and skincare products that contain frankincense for revitalizing skin.

In fact, it is one of the most popular essential oils used today. For personal use, frankincense oil can make you look younger and rejuvenate your skin. Unlike regular skincare products, it is all-natural, organic, and very fragrant, unlike artificial skincare products. Check out our Frankincense collection and explore the essence of you!