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Baobab Passion: Nourishing & Hydration Starter Trio (Toner/Essence/Moisturizing Cream)

With the Baobab Starter Trio, you will experience the "moisturizing and anti-allergenic" effects of the Baobab “Tree of Life”.  90% of users give feedback regarding the noticeable change in their skin’s oil-water balance with merely 7 days of continuous uses. Experience the fine balance of both a moisturized, but also non-greasy skin texture!
Ingredients:see contained products' URL : Baobab Toner, Baobab Essence, Baobab Moisturizing Cream.
Specification:110ml + 40ml + 50g
Directions:Apply a small amount to the skin and gently massage until completely absorbed.
Caution:External use only. Keep out of the reach of children, avoid skin areas with wounds or other dermatitis conditions. If discomfort arises, discontinue use and seek medical advice.  In case of eye contact, please rinse out eyes with water immediately.

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