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How many product to apply in a day? Can people who is under 18 use AG products?

  • Baobab series products are mainly moisturizing, hydrating and anti-allergic. This series is specially designed for young skin. It can be used by anyone over 15 years old, and can be used every morning and evening. If you have dry skin in a very dry season, it is recommended to clean and maintain it once at noon.
  • Frankincense series products can be used every morning and evening. They are antiaging products and are recommended for adults over 25 years old.

In dry weather season, should i apply thicker moisturizer?

This is a misconception, and it is not good that the more you use, the better. The role of moisturizing products is to prevent the moisture in the skin from losing quickly in a dry environment, so it will form a protective film on the surface of the skin. The protective film will promote the normal metabolism of the skin with the gas exchange. If it is applied too thickly, the skin has poor air permeability. Affect the normal metabolism of facial skin. Causes a burden on the skin, causing facial skin hair follicle infection, acne, acne and other problems. A good moisturizing product is moist and transparent, and the protective film will be metabolized over time and the environment. At room temperature In a moderate environment, it is metabolized in about 6 hours, which means it loses its moisturizing effect. In the very dry season, it is recommended to wash the face at noon and do another treatment.

Can I apply facial mask daily?

  • There is no need to apply the mask every day.
  • AG Baobab Mask has hydrating, repairing and anti-allergic effects. Normal and healthy skin is hydrated by applying the mask 2 to 3 times a week. Even in the dry season, if the skin feels particularly dry, or the skin is dry and uncomfortable after cosmetic laser treatment, it can be applied continuously for 3 to 7 days (depending on the degree of dryness). After that, the frequency of once or twice a week is still maintained.
  • AG frankincense mask has anti-aging and nourishing effects. It is designed for people over 35 years old. It has a certain effect on dry lines and dark yellow skin. Depending on the individual's skin condition, it is generally 2-3 times a week. The skin condition is not good or the age is too old. Just once every other day.
  • However, it should be noted that the time to apply the mask each time should not exceed 20 minutes. After the application, the skin care cream should be applied immediately after washing to seal the moisture and nutrients in the skin tissue. If the cream is not used to lock the water in time, the moisture that has just been applied to the skin is likely to be lost along with the dry air convection evaporation. In addition, if the mask is applied for more than 20 minutes, the keratin moisture in the epidermal keratinocytes will be absorbed and lost as the mask dries, and the skin will be drier; the skin barrier will also be impregnated and loosened in the epidermis, which will damage the barrier function.

Do I need to use a higher SPF sunscreen to block the sun better?

  • Sunscreen not only prevents tanning, but also prevents ultraviolet rays from damaging the skin. SPF represents the protection of the sunscreen product against UVB. When using SPF15 sunscreen, it can extend the time by 15 times, that is, after 300 minutes The skin will be tanned. The calculation formula of using SPF30 to protect against UVB: According to the time when the skin is red in the sun *SPF value (30) = the effective time of sunscreen to protect against UVB. In sunscreens, the higher the SPF, the better the defense effect of PA+. The longer the sunscreen, the lower the risk of skin damage and tanning, so PA+++ is very effective.

Will using sunscreen aggravate acne inflammation?

  • Good sunscreen products will not aggravate acne inflammation. The reason why there are sunscreen products that can aggravate acne inflammation is because you have chosen the wrong product. Generally, sunscreens are thicker and have poor air permeability. On the other hand, chemical sunscreens are irritating, which can aggravate acne inflammation. Choosing the right product is crucial.
  • AG foundation cream (sunscreen) breaks through the barrier of a single sunscreen, so it not only has good air permeability, but also allows the skin to breathe freely. It has the effects of firming the skin, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant, and has an inhibitory effect on induced allergic skin. Unhealthy skin needs sun protection even more, because ultraviolet rays can increase free radicals in the skin and worsen the skin condition. Therefore, whether sensitive skin, allergic skin, or skin with acne and acne, sun protection is an essential protective measure.

Is natural sunscreen is safer than chemical sunscreen?

  • Yes, natural sunscreen is much safer than chemical sun protection. Choosing the right sunscreen is mainly determined by the skin condition and occasion of each person and their preferences.
  • Natural sunscreen: It is essentially made of very fine particles made of opaque substances, which can reflect or scatter ultraviolet rays so that they cannot enter the skin. It can protect UVA and UVB with a broad spectrum. The main ones are titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, talc, and oxidation. Magnesium and kaolin etc. The advantage of natural sunscreens is that they are safe, not prone to allergies, and are more suitable for children and sensitive skin. The disadvantage is that it is thick and heavy, and it feels a little white when applied to the face.
  • Chemical sunscreen: It is an ultraviolet absorber, mainly chemically synthesized lipids. It can absorb ultraviolet light and attenuate its energy so that it cannot reach the skin. There are many chemical sunscreen ingredients, which can absorb UVB or UVA. The advantage of chemical sunscreens is that they are light and thin. Generally, spray sunscreen is the best.
  • AG foundation cream (sunscreen) is of the spectral type. It protects UVA and UVB with SPF and PA values. It uses inorganic and organic active ingredients to play a role in sun protection. In order to make the sunscreen ingredients better integrate with the skin and play the best For good sun protection, use sunscreen 20 minutes in advance. It can prevent sunburn, light aging and tanning. Ifthe exposure is strong outdoors, the sunscreen should be re-applied in time, preferably every 2-4 hours.

There are many make up base with SPF index. Do I still need to apply sunscreen?

  • The makeup base has SPF index, and the general SPF index is between 5-15. Whether to choose to put on sunscreen again, you need to determine where you want to go. If you are just commuting, it is not recommended to use sunscreen in the office most of the time, just use makeup base. If you need to use sunscreen for outdoor activities. On the way to and from get off work, the time is longer and the sun is strong, so you need to use sunscreen. Sunscreen is a product in the range of functional special cosmetics; makeup base is a product in the skin care product series.
  • The makeup base is designed to isolate ultraviolet rays, isolate dirty air, and isolate color clothing. In other words, the makeup base is a basic protective barrier to prevent damage to the skin from the environment and belongs to the category of skin care products. It is designed for people who worked in closed environment. AG foundation cream (sunscreen) has a makeup base ingredient, which is more pure and easier to absorb. It not only plays the role of makeup base, but also has the effect of nourishing and modifying

Which should apply sunscreen or make up base first?

First apply sunscreen and then make up base. If you want to stack several products, it is best to wait a minute or two after each product is put on your face to allow the skin to absorb it, and then use subsequent products for better results. Sunscreen is generally used after essence and cream, because sunscreen is the last step of skin care to prevent sunburn and tanning; barrier cream is the first step of make-up, it is a protective film between skin and make-up, so you should apply it first apply sunscreen then make up base.

Is there really such a big difference between day cream and night cream? Can I just use day cream instead of night cream?

  • Day cream: Since the skin during the day is affected by ultraviolet rays and pollution, most of the current day creams have sun protection and anti-oxidation. Even the function of polishing.
  • Night cream: repair skin damage during the day and supplement nutrition. Therefore, the active ingredients in the night cream are higher and the texture is more moisturizing. But a Some night creams added with photosensitive ingredients (vitamin A fruit acid, etc.) are not suitable for use during the day.
  • The change of day and night makes the skin have the function of self-repair, so skin care is divided into day and night, and the care of the skin needs to be different from morning to night. During the day, the skin is corroded by sunlight, dust air, pollutants, etc., and makeup also has certain adverse effects on the skin. Therefore, the skin at this time needs a good isolation of the bad incentives. The day cream protects the skin and allows the skin to get the best care. But at night, it is different. According to dermatologists and dermatologists for a long time Observation and research found that from midnight to 5 am is the most vigorous time for skin cell growth and repair. At this time, the cell division speed is about 8 times faster than usual, so the absorption rate of skin care and nourishment products is particularly high. What is needed is to nourish the skin, accelerate the metabolism of cells, and make the skin more elastic and delicate. In addition to repairing, moisturizing, and anti-wrinkle firming, the most important feature of AG Beauty Lotion Series Day Cream is the protection and isolation function, which can protect the skin from UV rays and air pollution. The product contains a trace amount of ultraviolet filter, which is suitable for use before going out during the day. AG Frankincense Moisturizing Cream is a night cream, which has the greatest effect of nourishing, anti-aging, nourishing and other effects; AG Baobab Nourishing Moisturizing Cream is a night cream, which has the effects of repairing, nourishing and whitening. They are all designed for the skin condition at night, so the concentration of the ingredients contained in the nourishment degree is more refined than that of the day cream, which is easy for the skin to fully absorb.

Do I need to remove my makeup when using a base cream or sunscreen?

Base cream is generally a waterproof product. If makeup is not removed thoroughly, the base cream will remain on the face and block pores. Moreover, although the skin care ingredients are indicated on the base cream, it is still a base makeup product after all, so it needs to be removed.

Is toner containing alcohol is bad for skins?

Alcoholic toner should not be good or bad, but should talk about its applicability, Alcohol-based toner are ideal for oily skin and acne-prone skin. Alcohol has been a common ingredient in cosmetics in recent years, because alcohol is a very good solvent, especially when cosmetic products contain macromolecular components, adding alcohol can promote skin absorption, and can also change the skin’s oil form to control oil secretion. The active ingredients are easily absorbed through the skin and have a cleansing effect. However, it can be used 1-2 times a week because it will be irritating. It dissolves skin oils and at the same time easily allows moisture to evaporate, and the skin is easy to dry. It takes time for the active ingredients to penetrate when pure plant lotion is used, and the longer the time it takes, the longer it will feel sticky. Alcoholic toner evaporates water quickly and can cause the illusion of easy absorption, so as to achieve the purpose of feeling more refreshing.

Can toner moisturize skin?

Toners generally do not have a moisturizing effect. Many people confuse "hydration" and "moisturizing", thinking that products that can replenish moisture to the skin can moisturize, but in fact these are two different concepts. Moisturizing refers to replenishing moisture to the skin, while moisturizing refers to preventing moisture loss. Skin care products that can lock water and replenish water may not have moisturizing effect. It is difficult to achieve the ideal moisturizing state by simply

Is it better to pat the toner directly with your hands or use cotton pad?

If toner is a nourishing, it is generally not recommended to use cotton pads for water prepared with pure plants, because pure cotton products will absorb the essence of plants, which we call restore. Especially for the toner prepared with floral water or hydrosol, it is not suitable to use a cotton pad. It is recommended to pat with your hands. A thick texture lotion, patted with your hands, can fully moisturize and promote absorption. If it is a cleansing lotion, a cotton pad can generally be used to make water, because the cotton pad is relatively clean and can also remove the dirt remaining after washing the face. It is not recommended to use cotton pads in the AG skin lotion series, because the skin lotion is positioned as a nourishing product, which plays a role in connecting the past and the future in the product. It contains a lot of plant extracts and has small molecules. The use of cotton plant extracts is most nutritious The ingredients will be reduced and absorbed by the cotton, so it is recommended to pat gently with your hands until absorbed

Is the facial cleanser better with foam or without foam?

  • Foaming facial cleansers and non-foaming facial cleansers use different skin types, seasons and preferences, and there is not much difference in cleanliness. Generally, oily or combination skin should choose cleansing products with rich foam, and for normal and dry skin, choose cleansing products with less foam and more moisturizing.
  • Baobab Mask Soap is a product designed for oily and mixed skin. After the baobab soap is exposed to water, a large amount of yogurt juice is applied to the skin for 2-3 minutes to naturally form a white mask, which is intended to soften the cutin while achieving a deep cleansing effect, because oily skin and mixed skin secrete more oil than ordinary people. So you need to choose some products with strong cleaning ability. Usually need to choose some soap products. Because soap products have strong degreasing power and easy to rinse, the skin feels very refreshing after washing.
  • Frankincense essential oil soap is a cleansing product designed for normal and dry skin. Although normal skin is the easiest to care for, it needs proper and effective care to maintain healthy skin. Frankincense essential oil soap is milder, more nourishing foam, and the soap has a skin-friendly texture. Massage gently with the soap body in circular motions. The massage and cleansing

Can face cream be used as eye cream?

Face cream cannot be used as eye cream. Because the eye skin is different from other skins, it is the thinnest part of the stratum corneum and the least distribution of skin glands in the facial skin, and cannot bear too much nutrients. The cream is rich in nutrients and is not easily absorbed by the eye skin. The most fundamental purpose of eye cream is to be quickly absorbed and properly nourished. Therefore, cream cannot replace eye cream. In particular, oily cream will add unnecessary burden to eye skin and cause the formation of eye fat particles or fatty plaques, so it can’t be replace as eye cream and apply it before face cream.

Can eye cream remove dark circles?

  • There are many benefits for eye cream, and it can achieve the desired effect for false problems. A good quality eye cream can relieve eye skin problems such as dark circles, wrinkles and eye bags, and can repair the eye skin, achieve the purpose of tightening the skin, and make the eye skin elastic. But the eye cream cannot solve the problems caused by genetic or pathological reasons. AG Eye Cream is an innovative product that integrates maintenance and massage. The maintenance and function are used separately, and it has achieved more professional and targeted effects.
  • 1 Frankincense eye cream: maintenance type, daily maintenance of eye skin, with moisturizing and soothing effects
  • 2 Frankincense eye cream: functional type, used to repair false dark circles and eye bags with a certain effect, its high-quality mulberry extract can inhibit elastin, remove crow's feet and fade Dark circles can promote the synthesis of fibroblasts. When using eye cream with bio-electric wave massage, the effect of massage when the frequency of bioelectricity matches the frequency of cell chain nucleus will promote the activation of subcutaneous tissue cells. After a period of time, there will be significant improvement. Eye cream is a very professional skin care product and it is necessary to use it.

Is it advisable to keep the skin care products in the refrigerator?

  • Generally, skin care products are not recommended to be stored in the refrigerator, because the pores of the skin will shrink when it is cold, which will cause the effective ingredients to be difficult to absorb, and it will feel that the product is only applied on the surface. Skin care products containing essential oils have their own anti-corrosion properties, and have been tested for stability in the compounding. Generally, they can keep their value for 3 years at room temperature.
  • For skin with redness, swelling and sensitive skin, when you need post-sun repair, calming and soothing care, the mask can be stored in the refrigerator. The low temperature and cool touch can soothe the skin, calm the skin, and reduce the skin temperature, so the mask can be stored in the refrigerator.