Acne Skin 

Can I use Aromatic Global products if I am prone to breakouts and have acne?

Yes you can. We recommend the Baobab series which is a natural, plant-based series of products, that won't hurt or burden your skin. If you are prone to breakouts and acne are symptoms of a skin various other problems, we recommend that you seek expert medical advice. In the future, we plan to develop various ranges of products targeting different skin problems. Stay tuned!


Dry/ Normal Skins

I have dry skin. Which type of Aromatic Global Product will work best for me?

We recommend you to use the Baobab series

Can visible blood streaks on the face be removed?

The red blood streaks on the face can be repaired and improved. The main reason for the formation of red blood streaks is the destruction of the facial stratum corneum. Therefore, it is necessary to effectively repair and protect the stratum corneum, and promote the normal metabolism of sebaceous glands. The reason for the formation of red blood streaks on the face is due to naturally sensitive skin, and some are caused by improper care methods and products that are not suitable for individual skin. If you want to improve redness, you should pay attention to moisturizing and oil control in your daily skincare. In addition, do not use cleansers that are too strong, and do not exfoliate. Pay attention to sun protection, a light diet, and a happy mood, which can also effectively avoid red blood streaks. The ceramide and β-glycan contained in the frankincense essence, the magnolia in the frankincense nourishing cream, the milo wood in the frankincense liquid, the golden chamomile in the baobab moisturizing and anti-allergic mask, and the rose cell liquid in the rose liquid has a significant effect on the digestion and repair of red blood streaks.

Allergic Skins

What if I have an allergic reaction to a product?

If you develop rashes and your skin become scaly, bumpy, itchy or otherwise irritated. Do not panic. Stop using the product immediately. 

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How do I carry out a patch test?

The inside skin of the wrist is the most effective area on which to carry out a patch test. You can also test on the skin behind your ear if you suspect only your face is sensitive. Simply apply the product to that area and if any irritation occurs, often showing as a rash, a burning, prickly or tingling sensation, redness or any other temporary discoloration of the skin, remove the product immediately with warm water and a damp cloth. 

Matured Skin

I am concerned about signs of aging. Which type of Aromatic Global Product will work best for me?

Fine lines and spots are all signs of aging, and the symptoms of different skin properties will be different. if you feel that you have aging skin, we recommend that you start using the Frankincense series. 

Eye cream only can be used after 25 years old?

It is recommended that after 25 years of age to begin using refreshing eye cream according to your skin condition, and to do weekly care. For example, AG1 eye cream, soothes the eye muscles and strengthens the moisturizing of the eyes, preventing the appearance of false fine lines on the eyes. After the age of 30, the metabolism slows down, the cells gradually begin to decline, the moisture of the cells gradually decreases, and the eyes begin to have false fine lines. You need to use eye cream regularly to care for the eye skin. It is recommended to use a little anti-wrinkle moisturizing functional product according to your own situation to eliminate false dry lines, eye bags and dark circles around the eyes, such as the AG2 eye cream to enhance eye care. But remember not to use a lot of eye cream to recover the bags and dark circles under the eyes that have formed from going to bed late or lack of sleep, so it is best to maintain a regular schedule. The skin around the eyes is special. It is much better to protect the skin around the eyes in advance than when the skin begins to age.

At what age do you start anti-aging? 

The puberty begins facial problems generally start to occur. Facial skin will turn from neutral to oily, mixed or dry, along with facial acne problems. This stage requires conditioning and hydrating, not anti-aging. Correct and timely conditioning will lead to healthy skin in the future. After entering the age of 25, the coenzymes, hyaluronic acid and collagen in the skin will begin to decline, and the amount of loss will increase year by year, so anti-aging care should start. In this way, when the skin is truly mature (35 years old +), The repair space that can be obtained by using skin care products or by means of maintenance methods will be much larger. Nowadays, study, work, and life are often done under great pressure, so it is not only necessary to adjust facial skin, but also emotional management and physical health to obtain healthy beauty. AG facial care products not only care for the health of the facial skin, but also brighten your mood throughout the day. Through the natural scent of the product, you can get into a good mood, which helps to manage emotions, relieve stress and enhance self-confidence. So we launched: Odor Medicine + 4M Maintenance Concept. That is, good smell leads to beautiful health, beautiful science, beautiful nature, and beautiful simplicity.

Oily Skins

Is oily skin due to dehydration?

There is definitely a correlation between oily skin and dehydration. Because the stratum corneum has insufficient water content, the sebaceous glands receive the wrong signal that the skin is not moisturized, and produce oil frantically to moisturize the skin, making the skin oily. It is recommended to take oil control first, and then add a lot of moisture to the skin, so that the skin will reach a water-oil balance so that the skin will not be greasy and dry. Drink more water, and do a moisturizing and hydrating mask several times a week. Irregular diet and work as well as rest are also the main factors that cause excessive oily skin. To improve the oily state of the skin, on the one hand, you need to eat and rest regularly, on the other hand, it is recommended to use moisturizer.