Facial Towel


Facial Towel with AG Cloth Bag

1. Facial Towel

This Facial Towel is one your stop and solution for your skincare, it is used for all kinds of skin, oily, dry, combination, sensitive skin moisturizing, improves facial acne, relieves pimples and acne, lightens fine lines and dark circles.

-Hot compress for cleaning the residue on the surface of the face, detoxify, promoting blood circulation, preventing wrinkles and improving dull skin tone. Relieve eye fatigue, and remove the pores and dead skin

-Cold compress for Shrinking capillaries, reducing skin burning, itching, relieves irritation, relieving skin allergic reactions, skin sunburn, etc..

-With human incision design, eye-opening and nose opening, allowing you to breathe and feel comfortable while applying mask.

-Suitable for all face shapes, the cotton material fits the skin better!

Product information Name: Facial Towel 

Colour: White; Size: 24 x 24cm ±1cm

Material: Micron ultrafine fibres

How to use:

Frequency: 3-4 times a week

Water temperature: preferably around 40-50 degrees

Time: 2-5 mins


2. AG Cloth Bag


  • Pattern: Plain with AG logo printed
  • Style: Small square bag
  • Material: Cotton
  • Opening Method: Draw belt
  • Size: 23x18.5cm
  • Package Contains: 1pc


  1. The Tone of Color May Be Slightly Different Because of screen display problem
  2. Size May Be 1-2mm Error Due to Measure By Hand.

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