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Restorative Frankincense Facial Mask


 A healthy radiance, natural and organic, stripped of the artificial — that is true beauty!

Using a powerful formula with a newly developed essential oil, this facial mask forms a natural restorative layer over the skin. It moisturizes, nourishes and restores youth and vigor to your face with absolutely no mineral oils or preservatives added. This series of products is a tribute to nature. We diligently create aromatherapy treatments while exploring the rich essences found in nature and its restorative power. The organic skincare treatments in these facial masks are of the highest standard.

Ingredients:Water, BOSWELLIA SERRATA water, glycerol, betaine, saccharide isomerate, carbomer, β-glucan, biogum-1, ROSMARINUS OFFICINALIS leaf extract, Glycyrrhiza URALENSIS root extract, CENTELLA ASIATICA extract, sodium hyaluronate, SCUTELLARIA BAICALENSIS root extract, ZANTHOXYLUM BUNGEANUM fruit extract, FORSYTHIA SUSPENSA extract

Specification:28ml x 5

Directions:Wash face first before applying the facial mask and smoothing out any air bubbles. Wait for 15-20 minutes before removing. Gently massage the face with the remaining essence.

Caution:External use only. Keep out of the reach of children, avoid skin areas with wounds, eczema, or other dermatitis conditions. If discomfort arises, stop using the product and seek medical advice.

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