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Lim Elaine
I started my braces journey since late October. Wearing braces is really uncomfortable especially there’s a sharp wire that’s poking and causing my mouth to bleed and uncomfortable to eat or talk.
I did not know what to use for my oral care and I heard good reviews about Aromatic Global mouthwash so i bought the Anti-Cavity mouthwash and gave it a try. To my surprise, my ulcers heals very fast and it helps to reduce the pain caused by the braces wire. I usually bring it along when i am out for dinner or to office, it's convenient to use for gargle.
Paul Goh
I used this product for more than 3 months and I had get used to the feeling of great freshness and the taste was pleasant. It relief me from gums issue. I will definitely recommend this toothpaste. thanks Aromatic Global!
sitoh elaine
I have genetic under eye dark circles and have been trying many different brands to find good eye cream and I must say the Frankincense eye cream is one of the best! After 2-3 months of usage, my dark circles have brighten up significantly and now i don’t need as much concealer as before! Also, another product i like is the AG Arawak Toothpaste which is mild and gentle to your teeth yet it has this minty freshness after every brush, which stays with you for long period of time!
Kheng Chung
I am currently pregnant, and the hormones caused my skin to flares and become even more sensitive. I cannot find suitable skin care product during pregnancy; I was very worry until I found this Baobab skincare from Aromatic Global. It’s an amazing product! I can see significant improvement on my skin, the product is so gentle and smells so good. The more I use the more improvement I see.