Advice on Oral Cancer Prevention


Oral cancer may not be as common as other cancers but one should look at high risk behaviors and causes. High-risk behaviors of one’s lifestyle are one of the greatest contributors to the development of cancer. This does not include genetic factors. Let us discuss these high-risk behaviors and learn about oral cancer prevention below.

Risks and Contributors

Many high-risk behaviors are commonly accepted as bad for your health. This includes practices such as excessive alcohol and tobacco use. Tobacco, smoked or chewed, contains cancer-causing content, and exposing your mouth to this chemical increases the risks of oral cancer. On the other hand, excessive alcohol drinking can irritate your mouth making it vulnerable to cancer. Furthermore, both alcohol and tobacco use are known contributors to other health issues including lung cancer and liver cancer. Avoiding these substances is the best oral cancer prevention you can do. If you choose to drink alcohol, it is best in moderation.

Other known risks that contribute to oral cancer. This includes excessive sun exposure to the lips, betal nut chewing, and consumption of smokeless tobacco. If you are into these substances and practices that involve these high-risk factors, a lifestyle change is crucial. 

Prevention and Dental Care

It’s not too late to take care of your health, especially with exposure to the high-risk factors or practices. First, consider changing these habits. Second, you can always seek professional help for various addictions. Third, seek professional dental care. Part of oral cancer prevention is being aware of what’s happening with your body. So, inspect your mouth for abnormalities and include regular visits to your dentist. 

Nature’s Alternatives

Your oral hygiene products of choice can also help you fight oral problems and oral cancer. Choosing all-natural products is an excellent alternative. The Arak tree provides natural vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for your health. It contains alkaloids, vitamin C, and small quantities of tannin and flavonoids which protects the tooth enamel. It also removes discoloration and plaque on teeth, and reduces the risk of oral cancer. Today, modern science paved the way for an assortment of oral hygiene products derived from the Arak tree. These products also deliver the same or better hygienic effect and promote good oral health.

Awareness of the signs and symptoms is crucial to oral cancer prevention. Good oral hygiene along with a healthy diet also helps in staying away from oral problems. Discover more natural and organic alternatives such as our Arak Sewak collection.