Frankincense Uses and Benefits


Frankincense has been around for ages. It is an aromatic resin obtained from Boswellia trees, and commonly used in incense or perfumes due to its aromas. There are various types of frankincense uses as it offers different benefits. And, incense burning is one such use. In other uses, it is common to extract the frankincense oil from the resin for a wider selection of applications. This includes aromatherapy, cosmetics, natural medicine, and others. Learn all about the different uses of frankincense and its benefits. It may help you fight facial skin problems, relieve stress, or wear it on your skin to boost your confidence.

Ancient Times

Incense burning is one of the popular frankincense uses since ancient times. For example, the ancient Hebrews blended Frankincense along with other aromatic spices of equal amounts and burned  incense on the  altar. Also, in the Bible, frankincense is one of the three gifts given to Christ by the magi from the East.

Not only did Frankincense have religious uses, but also in the mummification process by Egyptians. While using it for medical practices was common among the Chinese and Persians. 

Frankincense Uses Today

Today, you can find it in perfumes, incense, cosmetics, and others. Frankincense's uses in the creation of fragrances like perfumes date back centuries. It has a spicy and woody fragrance with a fruity top note. And, you can find many perfumes with frankincense today like Afterlier’s Oud Luban Eau de Parfum and Frederic Malle’s Portrait of a Lady. Wearing perfume is a common practice all over the world. Wearing perfumes promotes a positive mood and to feel good about yourself.

Aside from wearing the fragrance to your skin, aromatherapy is another popular use of frankincense. Frankincense essential oil alleviates anxiety, coughs, colds, ulcers, and indigestion via aromatherapy. Many also believe it relieves stress and pain with its stimulating and fragrant aroma.

Health and Beauty

Frankincense uses isn’t limited to its aromatic properties. Its oil contains alpha-pinene, an organic compound with healing and anti-inflammatory properties, an ideal component for organic skincare products. Frankincense oil is an effective natural remedy against acne, rashes, burns, bites, and wrinkles. So, its healing properties make it ideal as a natural astringent. It also helps tighten skin and minimize pores.

Frankincense is a popular ingredient among organic skincare products today. Check out our frankincense collection of organic skincare products. Products include creams, toners, essential oils, masks, and others. The aromatic properties of frankincense help relax while its healing properties aid facial skin problems. Its organic components are gentle to your skin and body for fragrant and natural skin rejuvenation and healing.