How to Find the Right Moisturizer for Oily Skin


Got oily skin? It may seem like your skin no longer needs a moisturizer, but your skin actually still needs proper hydration. Moisturizer is an essential skincare item regardless of having oily skin. Finding the right moisturizer for oily skin is important. Every skin is unique. You need to understand your own skin: how it reacts to skincare products, to the environment, and to your diet Before you start looking for skincare products, try to find out why you have oily skin below.

Why Is My Skin Oily?

Some of the common reasons for having oily skin are factors you cannot control, such as genetics and age. Enlarged pores also contribute to having oily skin. The environment and climate also play a role: hotter days make you sweat more and make your skin oilier. Using the wrong skincare products that clog your pores also results in oily skin. Lastly, dehydrated skin can turn into oily skin. The sebaceous glands on your skin balance the moisture of your skin and produce more oil than normal when it is dehydrated.

What Should I Look For?

Keeping your skin moisturized and hydrated will actually help prevent oily skin. For this, it is essential to find and use the right moisturizer. Here are some tips below for finding the right moisturizer for oily skin.

Look for skincare that is non-comedogenic, i.e. a product that will not clog your pores and thereby cause acne. There are plenty of non-comedogenic moisturizers available today, it shouldn’t be hard to find one. Next, look for acne-fighting ingredients like salicylic acid and alpha hydroxyl acids. Moisturizers containing these ingredients keep your pores clean and reduce the chances of sebum overproduction that leads to oily skin. When you are shopping for a moisturizer, read the labels and look for these specific ingredients and properties. Do look for other key properties like sun protection. Some of these moisturizers also work as sunscreen. 

Lightweight Moisturizers

Lightweight moisturizers are the most suitable moisturizer for oily skin. These hydrate the skin while reducing its oiliness. Lightweight moisturizers are thin and fast-absorbing to avoid clogging the pores of your skin. Most of these moisturizers are water-based and specially formulated for oily skin. These also feel less greasy or do not feel greasy at all. Nevertheless, it should do the job of moisturizing your skin and keeping it hydrated.

As with all skincare products, what works for some may not work for your skin. This is particularly true when it comes to moisturizers. It takes time to do trials and testing to find the right moisturizer for oily skin that suits yours. Begin today by choosing from our all-natural skincare collection, the moisturizer that is right for you.