Natural Beauty for Healthy Skin

A popular saying is “beauty is only skin deep, while the natural beauty of a person lies deep within. But, what if it could be both? For thousands of years, men and women have sought ways to accentuate their natural beauty in various forms. We see this throughout history from ancient times until today how people use what’s available in nature to bring out their natural beauty.

Natural Skin Care in History

Ancient Egyptians used oils and salts to cleanse their skin, moisturize, and fight wrinkles. The ancient Greeks used fruits, yogurts, milk, and honey for anti-aging properties. As time passed, men and women continued to incorporate elements from nature to take care of their skin. This included herbs during the Renaissance and later distilled alcohol, vinegar, and lemon juice to name a few. In addition to using nature for skin care, they also used nature to apply make-up. It was a way bringing out their natural beauty with natural products.

What We Get from Nature

Nature is rich in minerals and vitamins, providing us with the right amount of nutrients that we need. The sun in addition to a number of plants gives us vitamin D. A number of fruits and vegetables provide us with additional vitamins such as C, E, and K. Some fruits and vegetables also give us healthy fats that strengthen the body and skin.

Skin Care with Natural Products

While people around the world use skin care products to enhance their natural beauty, organic skin care products replenish, rejuvenate, and revive the skin. Organic skin care products use elements from nature, including trees, plants, oils, and minerals that in some cases provide even more nutrients than eating fruits and vegetables. For example,  the mature fruit of the Baobab tree contains water, protein, fat, cellulose, etc. with its pulp being nearly 10 times as rich in vitamin C than your average orange. Also, Frankincense oil has a permeability 70 times that of ordinary skin care products. Its properties not only benefit the skin but slip deep beneath the skin to help combat diseases.

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