Understanding a skin blemish and how to treat it



We all want smooth and flawless skin. However, we all encounter some form of skin blemish sometime in our life. Skin blemishes are normal and happen to both men and women. Some treatments and remedies can make skin blemishes go away. In order to do this, it is important to understand how a skin blemish occurs. 

A skin blemish can appear in the form of skin discoloration, dark spots, marks, or flaws on the skin. Causes for a skin blemish vary. The most common types of skin blemishes include acne, rashes, age spots, birthmarks, and melasma. It is easy to treat some types of skin blemishes with natural home remedies. Others may require professional and advanced treatment.



Acne is common among both men and women. There are numerous triggers for acne, including stress, hormones, medication, poor hygiene, skincare products, sun exposure, and diet. Fortunately, acne is controllable and can go away with remedies you can do at home. Acne and skin blemishes are different skin conditions. It is a skin problem with regards to pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads. However, acne can result in skin blemishes, such as scars and dark spots. So, the prevention of acne prevents skin blemishes.

To treat acne, first, check your diet. Eating unhealthy food is a common cause of acne. Second, check your hygiene routine and the skincare products you use. For skincare-related acne, it is best to consult a dermatologist to understand which products are best for your skin. Also, your dermatologist will be able to explain cases for the breakout of acne.



Another common skin blemish includes rashes. Rashes often appear because of food allergies, sun exposure and heat, and also insect bites. For some, taking anti-allergy medication is the only way for the rashes to disappear.  Other causes of rashes include bacteria and fungal infections that appear on the skin. For these, you may need to see a doctor to receive antibiotics or antifungal medication.


Birthmarks and Age Spots

Birthmarks and age spots are skin blemishes that appear naturally, one during birth and one as we age. Most of the time birthmarks are harmless and appear as either pigmented or vascular birthmarks. It is easy to remove vascular birthmarks with laser surgery. Also, age spots often begin to appear on people around the age of forty. These dark spots are overactive skin pigment cells that react to sun exposure. Like birthmarks, age spots are also harmless. Unlike acne and rashes, there are no known remedies for these skin blemishes. For birthmarks and age spots that are visible, most opt for cosmetics to hide these marks on the skin.



Melasma is a dark spot caused by the excess production of melanin on your skin. Melanin is responsible for skin pigment which determines the color of your skin. Too much melanin on a patch of the skin creates dark spots. Hormonal imbalance, which often occurs in pregnancy, can cause melasma. Treating melasma requires advanced medication that only dermatologists can prescribe.

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