Balance Essential Oil Blends (3mls x 3 bottles)


Targets oily and blemish-prone skin to redefine skin texture 

Containing multiple precious essential oils with top notched blending know-how, this breakthrough "SUPREME EFFICACY SERIES" formula can be easily absorbed and applied directly on the face and neck without dilution. "Balance" oil control blends help to balance oil secretion, improve skin texture and reduce acne, as well as to achieve clean and clear skin. Applicable to all skin types


Adansonia digitata seed oil, Myrrh oil, Chamomile oil, Tea tree oil, Bergamot oil

Primary Benefits: 

-> To promote skin balancing oil secretion 

-> To achieve clean and clear skin

-> Help reduce pimples and acne 

Aromatic Description: 

Woody, herbaceous, fresh

How to use:

These essential oil blends are specially designed for the night time skin care routine. 

1. Apply 2-3 drops directly to the specific areas or apply over the entire face, and massage until absorbed 

2. Alternatively, you can drop 2-3drops of essential oil with a pea sized cream of your choice, Gently apply them on the face, and massage until absorbed. 


Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes, sensitive, and wounded areas. If you are or might be pregnant, consult your physician. 

Specification: 3ml*3 



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