If it’s organic skin care product, will it have skin allergies reaction?

Generally, natural plant products are relatively mild and rarely cause allergies, but a few or individual users may be allergic. Because allergies are a manifestation of the body’s problems, the causes of allergies are diverse and complex. Maybe a certain ingredient is just the user’s allergen. If the user has a history of allergies or sensitive skin, it is recommended to put the product behind the ear before use apply to face after trial. If the skin is damaged before using the product, it can cause pseudoallergies. No product can be said to be 100% free of allergies to everyone, but pure natural plants reduce irritation and reduce the chance of allergies

Do all organic skincare products contain natural ingredients with no preservatives that would cause skin irritation?

Pure, natural plant ingredients are not irritating to the skin because they do not contain preservatives. A good pure, natural product will reduce irritation, however, the composition of ingredients is key. For example, rose essential oil is a pure natural product. It must be diluted with base oil when applied to the skin, otherwise it will not only irritate the skin, but also burn the skin in severe cases. Some products have good ingredients, but no effect when used. Often because the effective ingredients are not enough, it is just a concept; some products have good ingredients but are irritating, indicating that the ratio of active ingredients is unbalanced. Therefore, a good product must have a professional R&D team to ensure quality.

Are Aromatic Global skincare products safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Our Baobab skincare series is safe and recommend to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

We always recommend that you contact your physician about the specific product and ingredient listing. While many natural ingredients are fine to use during pregnancy, there are some that should be avoided completely and others where usage should be kept below a certain amount.

Are Aromatic Global Skincare vegan?

In the future, our extraction rooted in "Circular Economy" might touch "animal" parts, for example fish oil or else. This therefore shall not be the focus. Instead "Circular Economy" is covered in our vision and practice. You can address this part. We look into every part of the plant and manufacturing process, and figure out the materials. 

Are all the products you sell cruelty free?

Aromatic Global skincare is strict with cruelty free policy. No products or source ingredients are tested on animals

How long is natural skincare shelf life?

All-natural skincare contains plant preservatives and is safe for skin. The general shelf life is 3 years.

Are the fragrances in your products safe and natural?

Aromatic Global Skincare does not use any synthetic fragrances in its products. Our signature scents are 100% natural 

Are all your organic and natural beauty products sealed?

All products are sent to you in exactly the same conditions we received them from the manufacturers. The products are delivered directly to you in exactly the same condition as we receive them from the manufacturers or distributors so there is no opportunity for them to be tampered with before you use them. Please note not all manufacturers seal their products, or come in a separate box packaging.