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Baobab Special Kits


Aromatic Global Baobab Skincare Series provides your skin with hydrating and anti-allergic effects.

The Baobab tree can live for thousands of years. Their seeds are rich in protein and oil, moisturizing the skin while not making it greasy. It can lock deep moisture, help anti-oxidation, act as anti-allergy, and relieve redness. It is a wonderful gift for the skin's excellent oil-water balance.

Start with the Baobab special kits:

Following 7 days of use, you will discover stunning, refreshing, moisturizing, non-tight, oil and water-balanced results, invoking new skin.

It is especially recommended for oily skin, sensitive skin, or young skin.

Recommended steps:

Morning routine:
Baobab Toner > Baobab Essence > Baobab Tone Up Cream 

Night routine:
Baobab Toner > Baobab Essence > Baobab Moisturizing Cream

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