Benefits of Using Organic Facial Soap


Do you have sensitive, oily, or dry skin? Are you concerned about the artificial ingredients in your soap? Have you considered organic facial soap? While the soap you use cleanses the face from dirt, it can hurt more than help. And, it can even be hazardous to your health. Soaps today use different active ingredients and components that include artificial dyes, fragrances, preservatives, and chemical compounds. Therefore, organic soap made from natural ingredients is simply better for your skin and health.

Today, people use different soaps for different purposes. We have bath soap, facial soap, baby soap, antibacterial soap, and others. Yet, a most popular soap is facial soap. Today, more than ever there is an array of organic facial soaps, and one that is the best fit for your skin tone.  And, organic soap alternatives are easy to find. Below are the reasons why you should consider using organic soap for you and your family.

Better for Your Skin

First, organic soap does not contain harsh ingredients that are harmful to your skin. The best organic soap only uses natural ingredients and does not include chemicals like parabens, Sodium Laureth Sulphate, and other detergents and surfactants. Consequently, these chemicals are the main causes of skin irritation, allergic reactions, and skin dryness to some users. So, if you need a soap that’s gentler to your skin, organic soap is the best for you. Organic facial soaps exfoliate the skin, opening up the pores to kill germs for smoother skin.

Natural Healing Properties

Second, for acne-prone skin, organic facial soap will help you cleanse and restore damaged skin in a natural way. Organic ingredients like tea tree oil possess anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties. They are good for your gut as well as your face. Other organic facial soaps have antiseptic properties, helping to keep the skin pure and clean. You can easily find organic facial soaps with these natural ingredients for its natural healing properties.

Environmentally Friendly

Third, soap, after rinsing, goes down the drain and will eventually reach the environment. Global awareness of using environmentally friendly products is increasing. In an effort to take care of the environment, use of organic soap is a great decision. Organic facial soaps contain natural ingredients, including coconut and palm oils. A number of essential oils from plant extracts also help give it a nice fragrance. Also, they include plant-based lye and other healing ingredients. All of these ingredients are safe for the environment and can decompose naturally.

The soap you use has an impact on your health particularly your skin. Organic soap can help you avoid health risks from chemical exposure while keeping your skin glowing and healthy. So, check out our Baobab collection featuring our Baobab facial soap. The Baobab tree is known as the African Tree of Life, rich in Vitamin C that promotes healthy skin, and is here to bring you that natural brilliance.