Organic Toothpaste and its Benefits for your Teeth


Good oral hygiene is crucial for healthy teeth and gums. Most people maintain this by brushing their teeth. The tools and methods may be different, but the goal is the same - healthy teeth and gums. Today, there are numerous toothpaste options widely available with a variety of sizes, shapes, and ingredients. Less common is organic toothpaste, but it is an ideal alternative that is readily available with all-natural ingredients. Some toothpastes contain potentially harmful chemicals that may damage the teeth or gums. It can lead to different oral problems like inflammation, skin irritation, ulcers, and other sores. All-natural toothpaste offers the same cleaning effect as regular toothpaste but in a much healthier way, free from chemicals.

Evolution of Organic Toothpaste

Organic toothpaste uses nature’s ingredients for good oral hygiene. Proven effective for thousands of years, many continue to use these ingredients even today. Before the evolution of modern toothpaste, people relied on nature for oral hygiene. In ancient times, people made use of different natural ingredients to create an organic toothpaste. This included salt, eggshells, herbs, and oils, to name a few, and twigs as toothbrushes. 

Today, modern technology makes it easier to create dental products. With all-natural toothpaste, the use of plants is quite common. For example, we see the use of herbs such as spearmint, mint, neem, and aloe vera in organic toothpaste. In West Africa, Arak Sewak toothpaste derives from the Arak tree, also known as the “toothbrush tree”. For hundreds of years, it served as a natural toothbrush as it is known for its whitening properties. The tree’s fibrous branches provide medicinal benefits and good oral hygiene. 

Benefits of Organic Toothpaste

Safe for Kids

Organic toothpaste contains natural antibacterial ingredients and offers the same cleaning benefits as regular toothpaste, but in a safer way. So, this makes organic toothpaste ideal for kids as it doesn’t contain fluoride which is harmful when ingested.

Healthier Choice

If you are concerned about the chemicals you subject your mouth to, then organic toothpaste is the healthier option for you. Therefore, using organic toothpaste will help you minimize exposure to harsh chemicals that can lead to oral problems.

Prevents Gum Pain

For individuals with sensitive gums, organic toothpaste can help you calm your sensitive gums. The chemicals in regular toothpaste may be irritating your gums and causing pain. So, natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and Tea Tree oil are known to soothe sensitive gums and can be found in organic toothpaste.

If regular toothpaste is causing pain in your sensitive gums or you are simply looking into living an all-organic lifestyle, organic toothpaste for oral hygiene is a safe and proven option and it is safer and healthier for you and your kids. Also, there is a wide variety of organic toothpaste today to address different kinds of oral concerns including whitening, bad breath, and sensitive gums. In conclusion, these toothpaste options are readily available to you. So, check out our Arak Sewak collection of organic toothpaste and mouthwash today.