Eye bags treatment to try at home



Eye bags are a cosmetic concern most want to go away. Persistent under-eye bags make you look older, stressed, and worn out. It’s the first thing you’d see in the mirror when you wake up and makeup doesn’t always make it go away. So, to find the correct under-eye bags treatment, it is important to understand the causes. If this is something you are experiencing right now, we will help you gain a further understanding of why they appear. In this article, we will also share with you some under-eye bags treatment that you can try at home.

Why Do I Have Eye Bags?

There are many reasons why the skin around your eyes puff up. Some of the simple and minor causes include sleep deprivation, dehydration, a salty diet, and aging. Not having enough sleep can cause the skin around the eyes to puff up and darken. Meanwhile, dehydration can cause the skin around the eyes to droop and sag. Diets high in salt cause further swelling beneath the eye as it retains more water. 

Lastly, aging causes the facial fat pads below the eyes to shrink and sink, making them sag.

There are also other causes for under-eye bags such as skin irritation or allergic reactions caused by cosmetics or food. Included are health-related concerns that result in the formation of under-eye bags such as thyroid problems. For these causes, it is best to consult with a doctor to find the appropriate under-eye bags treatment and to treat the underlying health issues.

Lifestyle Change and Eye Bags Treatment

With some of the simple causes for eye bags that include sleep deprivation, dehydration, and a salty diet, a lifestyle change is necessary. This you can take care of at home with a simple under-eye bag treatment. First, make sure you are getting sleep and find ways to relieve stress. Sleep deprivation and stress cause a lot of bodily changes which include dark circles around your eyes, causing eye bags to appear. Therefore, evaluate your diet and water intake and consider diets high in salt, which will help reduce under-eye bags.

For eye bags caused by skin irritation to cosmetics, stop using immediately and  consult a dermatologist. If you suffer from allergies, you may need prescription medication to counter the allergic effect. As for eye bags caused by aging, you can lessen the sagging with these simple under-eye bags treatments below.

Cold Compress

A cold compress might help reduce swelling of eye bags caused by skin irritation or allergy. You can use cold packs, a slice of chilled cucumber, or refrigerated spoons over your closed eyes for a couple of minutes.


Moisturizing the skin around your eyes can help alleviate dark spots and create a protective barrier on the skin against irritants and allergens.


Caffeine is a known under-eye bags treatment because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Caffeine is present in coffee beans and teas. Soak tea bags and chill them in the fridge to use as cold packs for your eye bags. You can also create a coffee paste using ground coffee beans and water or oil which you can apply over the eye bags.

There are numerous skincare products that can help you with your eye bags. Check out our moisturizers and our award winning Frankincense Polypeptide eye cream set for results that revive the skin around your eyes. Frankincense extract promotes collagen synthesis and reduces fine lines that improve skin elasticity which effectively reduces the swelling of eye bags.