How to maintain a good oral health

Chew sharp, hard, and brittle food in small amounts to reduce oral mucosal trauma.

Sharp, hard, and brittle foods, such as hickory nuts, almonds, melon seeds, etc., are more likely to cause traumatic lesions of the oral mucosa, such as traumatic blood blisters, oral ulcers, etc. Therefore, when eating, it is recommended to chew slowly while taking small bites. Wealth luck is "horizontal", brushing your teeth should not be "horizontal". When brushing your teeth, you should move up and down, not sideways. Brushing horizontally not only fails to remove the food residue in the gap between the teeth, but also easily causes defects on the outer surface of the teeth, which in turn leads to "cracking" of the entire tooth.

Stronger brushing forces cause more damage to the teeth.

It is not better to brush your teeth with more force. Excessive force will cause excessive friction between the bristles and the tooth surface. Over time, the surface of the tooth tissue will be damaged by the bristles, resulting in tooth damage.

Take good care of your teeth. It can accompany you until you are 80 years old.

In fact, human beings do not necessarily lose their teeth when they get old. If you take good care of your teeth, you can live and eat into old age. Brush your teeth carefully in the morning and evening, floss every day, have your teeth cleaned and have an oral examination every year. You can have 20 teeth at the age of 80.

Use dental floss instead of toothpicks.

Food stuffed between our teeth is always a nuisance, and despite our dexterous tongues, there are a few things we're good at. Like licking it, but not reaching it. At this time, we can try dental floss or dental flosser, which can clean the plaque between the teeth while scientifically flossing. There are gaps in the natural teeth themselves. This is more than enough to pass through a piece of dental floss. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the gap between the teeth being enlarged by dental floss. Be careful not to pick your teeth with low-quality bamboo sticks, which are easy to puncture the gums, and long-term use may also cause gum recession.

After eating sweets, remember to brush your teeth.

Candy, candied fruit, and cola are all foods with a high sugar content. Not only do they make you fat, but they often cause tooth decay. Eat snacks in moderation. Try to reduce the frequency of eating sugar, brush your teeth in the morning and evening, and stop drinking drinks after brushing your teeth at night.

Get rid of bad breath by brushing your tongue while brushing your teeth.

The source of bad breath is mainly "odor-producing bacteria" in the mouth. They often gather in all kinds of corners in your mouth. They are especially common at the back of the tongue. After we brush our teeth, we can lightly brush the back of the tongue with a toothbrush a few times, which can greatly reduce the accumulation of excessive "odor-producing bacteria" and reduce the occurrence of bad breath.

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