How to Whiten Yellow Stained Teeth


Teeth discoloration is unwanted but inevitable as we age. It comes in different colors depending on your diet and oral hygiene. Yellow stained teeth is the most common oral problem we all encounter. Thankfully, there are many ways of removing teeth stains naturally. Furthermore, there are numerous teeth whitening products readily available today. 

What Causes Yellow Stained Teeth?

There are two main reasons for your teeth turning yellow – thinning of the tooth’s enamel and food stains. The enamel is the hard outermost layer of the tooth. It protects the inner layer tissue called dentin as well as the nerve. Enamel thins out naturally as we get older. However, the thinning process can be accelerated by certain factors such as poor personal hygiene and consumption of acidic food. 

Stains can also make your teeth look yellowish. Tobacco and smoking can lead to yellow teeth stains. Coffee can also create teeth discoloration and can wear down the enamel, thereby creating the yellowish color of the teeth. There are also less common causes that lead to yellow teeth stains, including certain antibiotics and oral diseases.

Whitening Yellow Stained Teeth

In its early stage, whitening yellow stained teeth can be as easy as getting a proper teeth cleaning at the  dentist. Deep cleaning will not only remove the yellowish color but will also help you prevent developing cavities. Hence, you can also opt for treatments and products for at-home use to whiten minor discoloration. 

There are over-the-counter products that can remove teeth stains and whiten teeth. Products such as teeth-whitening toothpaste and teeth-whitening strips. Hydrogen peroxide mouthwash is also a popular teeth-whitening product that disinfects the mouth and soothes a sore throat. In using oral care products, it is important to read the label and follow instructions. Do consult your dentist before using such products. When it comes to having yellow stained teeth cleaned by your dentist, you can always also choose to use pay a visit to your dentist for cleaning and professional teeth whitening treatments such as teeth bleaching.

Still, the best way to naturally whiten yellow stained teeth is to properly brush your teeth. We recommend brushing your teeth after eating particularly after consuming acidic or sugary foods. Brushing your teeth at least twice a day is the recommended practice. Whitening toothpaste contains a mild abrasive agent that helps scrub the enamel and remove stain-causing particles from food and drinks.

Before you try any teeth-whitening product at home, inform yourself of  the risks of using teeth whiteners. Make sure that you don’t need to visit your dentist too often for a cleaning. This is where proper oral hygiene becomes crucial. Check out these helpful tips in ensuring good oral health to avoid oral problems and minimize teeth stains at home