Quick and Effective Remedies for Bad Breath



Bad breath is a common problem that affects everyone. Whether you are too busy to freshen up or simply unable to reach the bathroom to brush your teeth or gargle with mouthwash, there are other ways of fixing this problem in a jiffy. Before we talk about quick remedies for repelling bad breath, we need to first understand the causes for bad breath.

What Causes Bad Breath?

There are a number of reasons for bad breath ranging from minor causes to serious issues like oral diseases. These serious problems require professional help from a doctor or dentist. The most common reason for bad breath comes from foods eaten. Food trapped within your teeth will eventually result in odorous breath as it is broken down by bacteria. Furthermore, certain foods also immediately contribute to foul-smelling breath. These include onions and garlic, vinegar, mustard, drinking alcohol, and smoking.  

Other causes for unpleasant breath include infections in the oral cavity. This can be a sign of gum disease or other types of oral disease. It is best to seek medical advice in these cases. While you may be able to have a quick solution for sour breath, these serious problems will continue to reoccur unless the root of the problem is treated.

Quick Remedies

Drinking water is the simple and easiest way to repel unwanted smelling breath. Water washes bits of small food and rinses your mouth of the accumulating acids. A dry mouth also causes bad breath because your mouth isn’t producing enough saliva. Drinking water fixes this problem and restores the natural pH balance in your mouth.

Eating breath mints is also a popular and effective remedy. These come in small containers or boxes which you can easily carry in your purse, bag, or pocket compared to a mouthwash bottle. You can just pop one in your mouth one after a meal to improve breath odor.

Breath sprays and mouthwash offer the best results in repelling foul breath. Compared to water and mints, these personal oral care products are larger and harder to carry along. However, there are some mouthwashes available in small and handy bottles which you can easily stuff inside your bag or purse. But, using mouthwashes will require access to a bathroom. 

The best defense against bad breath is good oral hygiene. Stopping smoking tobacco and limiting your alcohol intake will not only help fight unpleasant-smelling breath but also minimize your risk of developing oral cancers. Check out our article about oral cancer prevention.

Having good oral health not only helps prevent oral diseases but also helps support pleasant smelling breath. Being mindful of what you eat is important as it may affect your oral health or lead to rotten breath. Furthermore, it is important to make good oral care a habit. Brush your teeth after eating a meal whenever possible. Also, consider purchasing the right oral hygiene products which you can easily bring and use anytime to repel bad breath. Check out our Arak Sewak products from our award-winning collection to help you effectively fight that unwanted sour breath.