Guide to Pregnancy-Safe Skincare Products



While bringing a new life into this world is a beautiful thing, we know that with pregnancy many changes occur. During this period of life, self-care is just as important specifically when it comes to skincare. Most women seek to retain youthful skin and address any skin issues during this time. Using all-natural products for pregnancy safe skincare is something for pregnant women to consider. 

What’s Not Safe

Changes in hormone levels may cause pregnant women to be more prone to acne, stretch marks, and other skin issues. With that being said, it is important to address these skin conditions and how the skincare products they use can be harmful. Some ingredients and chemicals are known to be harmful to babies. For conceiving moms, here’s a basic guide to pregnancy-safe skincare. This will help you address specific skin problems during and after pregnancy.

One known chemical to avoid during pregnancy includes formaldehyde. This is a common component in hair straightening treatments, eyelash glue, nail polishes, and other self-care treatments. It is also wise to avoid lotions and hair care products with parabens. Other chemicals which contain harmful elements include retinol, phthalates, hydroquinone, thioglycolic acid, beta hydroxy acids, and aluminum chloride hexahydrate. It is best to take precaution and read the ingredients before purchasing products harmful to your health. 

What’s Safe

The key to pregnancy-safe skincare is to go all-natural and organic. Not all of the natural and organic skincare products out there are automatically safe for pregnant women. But, the majority do contain safe ingredients. So, let’s talk about two of the most common skin problems pregnant women encounter – stretch marks and acne.

Stretch marks are a common problem pregnant women encounter, and natural creams are a great solution, ensuring pregnancy-safe skincare. Ideal products include nut butters such as cocoa butter, shea butter, and jojoba butter. Certain oils like coconut oil, rosehip oil, and argan oil are also recommended for reducing stretch marks.

Another common problem women encounter during pregnancy is the outbreak of acne. Breakouts of acne during pregnancy affect the skin differently than regular acne. However, the hydroxy acid found in citrus fruits like limes and lemon can help unclog these pores and work as a natural astringent. Coconut oil is also beneficial with its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Ultimately, you can find organic skincare products with these natural properties instead of harsh chemicals.

When it comes to safe skincare during pregnancy, it is best to seek help from dermatologists. Ask about the harmful chemicals that are affecting your skin and find out what are the best alternatives to go with. Ultimately, no two individuals are alike. This is particularly true when it comes to allergies and the skin’s reaction to certain natural and chemical compounds.

To ensure safety during pregnancy, look for safe skincare products that are all-natural and all-organic, and research. You can also opt for certified skincare products like our certified pregnancy-safe skincare products in our Baobab collection.